Mangroves: Protecting the Protector

It’s no question that there are a lot of ways we can help protect the environment. Sadly, we can say the exact same thing about how hurting the earth was easily made available. This has been true for as long as we remember; we know we should care, but why are we not doing it? […]

5 Irresistible Reasons to Experience the Malagnang Festival in San Vicente

Source: Palawan Place Blogspot Experience Filipino celebrations, where joy and festivities know no bounds. In the Pearl of the Orient Sea, celebrations are not just a mere occurrence, but rather an embodiment of our rich culture, cherished traditions, and deep-rooted beliefs. From the grandest birthdays to getting promotions and heartfelt reunions, it seems as though […]

When Boyet Met Teresa: A San Vicente Love Story

It started with the story of the secret lovers, Romeo and Juliet, then came the tear-jerking romance of the star-crossed Titanic passengers, Rose and Jack, and not long after, Brad and Angelina made their debut as the “It” couple of the decade. All of the famous romantic pairings are nice and all, but they’re nothing […]