5 Irresistible Reasons to Experience the Malagnang Festival in San Vicente

Source: Palawan Place Blogspot Experience Filipino celebrations, where joy and festivities know no bounds. In the Pearl of the Orient Sea, celebrations are not just a mere occurrence, but rather an embodiment of our rich culture, cherished traditions, and deep-rooted beliefs. From the grandest birthdays to getting promotions and heartfelt reunions, it seems as though […]

The Sash, The Crown, and The Purpose: Get to Know Miss Paragua Coastown 2022

Big hair, shimmering jewelries, an hourglass figure, and an iconic walk. What does it really mean to be a beauty queen? Known as one of the few countries that consistently gets the most prestigious crown titles, the Philippines has branded itself as a pageantry powerhouse over the last few decades. And with the recent wins […]