Live Out Your “Eat Pray Love” Fantasies in one of the World’s Best Beaches

If you’re anything like me, life has just been a constant longing for that Julia Roberts moment where I just drop everything and leave my old life behind for the sake of soul—searching. Just the thought of getting to experience the mouthwatering food in Italy, meditating in peace in India, and of course, finding your soulmate in Bali, makes me fall in love with traveling even more but alas, plane tickets aren’t exactly budget-friendly these days. Don’t you just wish there was a perfect place where you get to eat, pray, and love, all in one spot?

This time around, leaving your old life behind is just optional (just be sure to tell your boss) and luckily for you, you don’t have to go through a painful relationship to get there (if you did, well, take this as a sign). If you want to go someplace where you can marvel at something and eat, pray, and love without dealing with jet lags and plane tickets, look no further because San Vicente, Palawan’s got you covered.


The journey of finding yourself is a huge feat, especially if you’re doing it on an empty stomach. So while you’re in San Vic, work towards doing something easier, finding good food. San Vicente is nestled on the coast of Palawan, so naturally, the main cuisine would be a mix of all good things seafood—crabs, shrimp, fish, squid, mussels, you name it.

Although San Vic has yet to birth its own local delicacy, this means that there’s all the more reason to try everything and anything when it comes to their menus! Who knows, your soul-searching might just be the journey that leads you to San Vicente’s new delicacy. If not, why not try and cook it yourself and visit the public market, a haven that’s brimming with healthy produce and the fresh catch of the day—certainly something the protagonist hasn’t done in the film.

Oh, and don’t worry, like Julia Roberts’ character in the film who starts a relationship with her Neapolitan pizza, it’s perfectly fine to fall in love with any of the dishes San Vic has to offer! (Be sure to leave a tip.)


Uninterrupted, serene, and peaceful island life, that’s San Vicente for you. Majestic views and picturesque beaches without the noise and commotion of crowded tourists. San Vic’s quiet and tranquil beach life has always been the go-to spot for tourists who want to take a break from the metro lifestyle, just the right place for you to breathe, meditate, and connect with nature.

Finding peace has never been this easy, and you don’t need a guru to tell you that! We may not have a mystic reading that tells you what’s going to happen next in your life, what the future holds for you, or what decision you should make, but one thing’s for sure, here in San Vicente, you’ll have all the time in the world to think about it.


Whoever said falling in love needed to be singular? Here in Palawan, San Vicente will make you fall madly in love with everything it has to offer. I’m not just talking about its natural beauty—you already know that—I’m talking about the people that make San Vicente, well, San Vicente.

The community, the locals, and the everyday people you’ll get to encounter, there’s no better way to explore a place than to get immersed with the locals and experience the love they have for their island. They value and appreciate the island life and have since kept it dear to their hearts. So the next time you’re here, listen to their stories which are bound to be as interesting as the next one, and share a laugh, soul-searching is all about connecting and being with people anyways!

There’s just something about the coastal air in San Vicente that just makes it easier to fall in love with, and hey, who knows, you might just meet a local that’ll end your soul-searching blues.

All these are empty words compared to actually getting to experience one of the world’s best beaches in San Vicente. Why not do yourself a favor and just let yourself go? Now is as good time as any to venture into self-searching, and learn more about what you don’t. It’s quite a gamble, but take the chance anyway, like the word Liz associates herself with, and in true Eat, Pray, Love fashion—Attraversiamo, or “let’s cross over,” because when the jump gets scarier, that’s when you leap.

San Vicente is Italy, India, and Bali all rolled into one. Experience it in all its pristine glory and channel the Elizabeth Gilbert in you. So what do you say? Want to eat, pray, love in San Vic?